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Bullmastiffs at Quail Haven - Meet Our Quail Haven Families

Click on the smaller photos to see a larger view.

Another Quail Haven family - Ruby is introduced to her new neighbor, Oprah Winfrey by her "parents" Rob and Sheryl Lowe.
Barbara and Kevin Blauvelt with their daughter Nicole picking up their new pup Gunner.
Simone Simone and friends!
New owners Niall and Layla Yamane with their male show-potential pup.
Sugar Baby, left, is Toni's Granddog and lives with Toni's granddaughter Stacy (see below) and Kim and Kevin.
David and Reberah Christiansen with their new Baby show-poetential female pup. The Mattison Family from Yucaipa, CA with their new female pup
Kasey and Lacy Kennington from Bakersfield with their new pup from
the Jade litter.
The Harvey Family from Tracy, CA with their new male pup.
The Beans with their new puppy! Alex & Christy Bean - Bella and their new Baby Boy
Jamie and Robert Salata from Rancho Santa Margarita with their new pup - from the Ella litter. Jeff and Jamie Ponzio of Temecula with their new pup from the Ella litter.
Velika Turner with her new pup "Magda" The Leavitt Family from Long Beach with their new pup
Greg Laks with his new puppy - Newton. Newton is from the Ella litter (11/17/05). Carrie Auvaa of San Diego holding her new pup, and she's also holding the new pup of the Pamela
Pickering Family from Vista, California 
Mike and Debbie Shoemaker and son with their new show-potential puppy. She's from the Simone and Ch. Ford litter. Sugar Baby, left, is Toni's Granddog and lives with Toni's granddaughter Stacy (see below) and Kim and Kevin.
Mr and Mrs Dave Feist (Orem, Utah) with their new pup Quail Haven's Mr. Boss Shawna Brake with her new pup. Shawna plans to show her new guy.
David and Rebekah Christiansen with their new female pup from the Simone and Ch Ford litter. Nicole and Michael Hayes with there new pup " Boden." from the Sasha Ch. ford litter.

Richard and Heather Morgan show off their new pup - Bentley. He is from the Ch. Jonie and Ch. Ford litter born Feb. 20, 2005.

Toni's granddaughter, Stacy (center) with her new puppy, Sugar Baby (born 2/11/05) and Stacy's parents Kim and Kevin. Stacy will co-own her new pup with her Grandmother Toni!

Linda Carol with her new pup from the Bernie-Ford litter - Quail Haven's Desert Rose

Anthony Lovoto from Utah with his new pup from the Bernie -Ch. Ford litter.

Aileen and Fernando Reynoso from Murrieta California with their new pup from the Bernie-Ford litter.

Kimberly Warfield and Denise Ortiz with their new puppy. He's a male from the Sophie - Lord Nagafinn litter. Date of birth 2-11-05

Alfred and Marina Johnson with their new puppy Cleopatra from the Bernie -Ch Ford litter

Proud parents Enrique and Monica Estrada of Lancaster shared this photo of their "kids" Betsie and Finney sleeping together.

Beth and Brandon Speigel with their new pup Lily from the Bernie-Ch. Ford litter.

Ford and Baby

Ch. Ford (left) has a playtime/sleepover at Baby Idleman's house.

Steve Schultz and Akasha Lewis from Washingtion with their new puppy OLIVE - from the Bernie - Ch. Ford litter.

Velika Turner with their new puppy from the Bernie - Ch Ford litter.

Edie Richards with her new puppy from the TaNeal - Ch Ford litter

The Patrick and Holly Magee family with their new puppy Grace - from the Ella - Finney litter.

Alvin and Dave - Alvin was born 11-7-01
Click here to see entire family in larger pictures
Vincent with his family
And another new, happy Bullmastiff family. The Stine Family children with their dog "Mulan" - a Finny/Sandy pup They live in Tuscon Arizona
Zeus and his best friend "hang out" - Quail Havens Zeus Von Wise The Sanchez Family from Alta Loma, CA
with their new pup Sandy.Capone /Betsy litter
The Zamora girls with Bugsy The Escobeda family with Max
Rachel, Cassidy and Matthew
Cassidy is from the Kitt Katt/Simba litter
The Glivers - Saratoga, CA
Kitt Katt/Simba Litter
Peaches with her family - the Partains' Sandi with Baby
Ginger/Capone litter -Also LiL LuLu the Rottweiler from Quail Haven
Diva, Jamie and Heidi - Diva is from the Capone/Ginger litter - dob: 11/25/01
And, new addition "Taz" - Quail Haven's TAZmanian Devil.
Capone/Betsy Litter
Ann Fivie and one of Toni's pups
getting her ears done


Sassy and Erick's Wyatt
Christmas 2001

Jake and Vicky

Capone/Vashni pup
14 mos. old

from the Ginger/Bryce litter
photo at right was taken at summer camp. Such a life!

Scully and Summer - live with the Erickson Family
Scully is almost three and from the Precious/Rock litter.
Summer is from the Ginger/Bryce litter

The Calvin Gorin Family from Tucson, AZ - their baby is from the Vashni/Ford litter.

Kevin Shepherd from Colorado's pup
Held by "Grandpa" - Sabrina/Capone litter

Above: Sitting Bull (Sabrina/Capone - 11/7/02) with Ashley.

Pebbles w/family

The Taylors
Matt, Maria and Gus in the middle
Gus is 8 mos. old
He's from the Bryce/Ginger litter

A boy and his dog
That's Love!

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